Benefit from know how & know who - Don Hannay

Benefit from know how & know who - Don Hannay

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lifestyle & investment solutions in property
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lifestyle & investment solutions in property
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Benefit from know how & know who

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Know how & Know who
To get a job done you need two things. You need to know "what to do" and "how to do it." That's why we engage a coach, trainer or skilled professional. It can save us a lot of effort, time and achieve superior results.

Know how
"The real estate industry is evolving predominately driven by technology.  I constantly explore the latest marketing strategies that get results. Whether you are planning to sell, purchase , invest, renovate or build you can benefit from my knowledge, resources and experience”.

Know who
"My personal, professional and community networks are introductions to people who can make a difference. Those connections could be potential buyers, sellers, tenants, skilled trades people, suppliers and other professionals. The result you want could be just a phone call away."
Come over here
3 key factors that make a massive difference to your success & why they guide everything I do
1. Connect with someone who treats you as a real person, someone who matters.
Do you like to be treated like a real person and not just a $$$transaction? I do and I'm sure most people would feel the same way. That's why I put people first. YOU come first. Good outcomes start from the right place - respecting the relationship. If you like to work that way, you can work with me.

2. Connect with someone who can help you find a solution and not waste your time.
People rely on my knowledge, skills and resources to help them move forward in their property search, sale or purchase. If I can’t help, I just may know someone who can. Whether you are buying or selling I can help you avoid the stress of making costly mistakes.

3. There is a plan
Different outcomes require different approaches. That's why I have a system. While many agents can offer similar tactics there is often no over arching plan or system to help you decide which tactics are going to be most effective and if the return on investment is worth the cost?
As an independent agent I do not have to meet BIG name franchise KPIs, large marketing budget targets or get big expensive ads on the major internet portals. What you will get is a plan that reaches your target market, attracts interest and brings buyers to your property. All marketing options are discussed with you and approved before your campaign starts. No surprises, just results.
Talk to me if you are not sure what steps to take and you are -
  • Considering selling your property
  • Looking to buy
  • A first home buyer
  • Wanting to refinance or finance a purchase
  • A landlord
  • A member of a Body Corporate committee or strata title owner
Having the right tools to do the job are important and can save you money, time and achieve superior outcomes.
Since launching in 2014, the drive to build a world class IT platform and business model for experienced agents was acknowledged in 2018 when @realty won the REIQ innovation award of excellence. The @realty brand provides the digital marketing and administrative platform to over 500+ independent agents and their clients in all Australian States. I have been an accreditated agent with @realty since 2017.

Price Finder is a technology platform providing real estate professionals, valuers and banks with insights into the Australian property market. It provides ownership information, sales history, rental history, market trends, demographics and predictive AI price estimates. I use it everyday to research the market and provide the latest analysis to my clients. A lite version is available for free on the Domain website.

@realty uses the cloud based property management system by Property Tree. It allows owners and agents to access their property portfolio and get real time information on their account, rent, maintenance and scheduled reports using their PC or smart phone.

The peak industry body in Queensland for real estate professionals is the REIQ. I am a full member and the REIQ provides ongoing professional development in legislation, technology and best practice. REIQ members abide by an industry code of practice and are required to maintain their involvement in continuing education.

  • Finance Cafe
Have you really got the time to research hundred of bank products and special offers? Finance Cafe has done the hard work for you. Using leading loan comparison technology that links to major Australian banks, non-conforming lenders and private lenders you get the best match to your situation. It's fast and it's free.

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Local agents providing awesome service, achieving great results and doing extra-ordinary things for their clients and their community. The untold stories of generosity, the unpaid contributions and acts of kindness performed everyday by your local property professional. This page is dedicated to those awesome agents. Thank you.

Finding your first home
just got a lot easier.

A great place to meet for everything property.

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Last update: 21/11/2020
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